Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
2002-11-08 18:26:23 (UTC)

Treat em like Shit????

I m not getting this....Apparently men *like* being treated
like shit????

this is beyond me.

Im listening to bag pipe music.
now there is one instrument i wish i knew how to play.
freaking, it fills me with a sorta strange
sense of pride...and gives me the chills.
oh yea, scotch blood runs thro this goblin queen...and its
all bubbly and tingly right now...whoa this stuff is fun
*bops back and forth in her chair*

anyhow back to this whole shit thing, men confuse me (yes i
know they always do. i think my mind just likes being in a
perpetual state of confusion

oh well, ive gtg. time to write an article about