Ordinary world?
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2001-08-13 20:53:11 (UTC)


So for the past few months. i've been finishing up my
associate degree, applying for a residency visa, somewhere
outta here. getting by day by day. been to the beach twice
this week. georgeous! the water was clear, the sun was too
hot though, but its just so beautiful. so there i was
sunday and monday, found myself at the beace, drinking
corona beer. it was good. but sometimes i stil feel sad.
but i see the same with other people around me. so
sometimes when i can muster the strength, i try to cheer
someone else up. havent meet any new guys. still think of
g, but have not heard from him. guess thats history. burts
though. think you had something special, and then find out
nothing.......... I hope and pray i never hurt anyone like
this. i want to do good, be good, but i know we;re not
perfect. just gotta try everyday. everydays a challenge.
work is okay because of some of the people there, we go
shhot pool after, relieve the stress, most days. i'm
getting better at pool, i glad. part of me cant wait to
leave, the other is so sad, but i think it will be for the
best. i feel like its calling me, the sea, to leave, i feel
the urge, stronger than i've felt it in years. just want to
sore and make a new life for myself, somewhere new. i think
this will be good for me.