Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-08-13 20:24:18 (UTC)

salade n'est pas salade sans salade

I have issues... guess what... i do. (ain't it cool?!)

See there are these people, random people, in fact just
about everybody, even my mom, who toss around the
word "salad" like it discribe any kind of non-hot (is that
cold?), non-liquid, stuff mixed together and put into a
bowl. NO!!!!! I'm sorry, but salad is made using
lettuce... salad is not salad without lettuce. Let's see
that in french: salade n'est pas salade sans salade...
hmmm... interesting that the main ingredient of salad in
french is the same word as salad!!!! interesting, but not
suprising, well really not interesting at all for those who
don't have issues... but i do... but not suprising because
salad is not salad without lettuce... but what can you do?
what do you call that potato smusch or that tuna goop, or
even that bowl of mixed fruit? not salad... nope, cuz they
don't have lettuce and so there. Raspberries.

i'm insane.