Meshed Up
2002-11-08 15:49:03 (UTC)

time line

2.31 am

why i'm still awake is beyond me. actually, not really. i
just think i should be heading off to sleep by now,
considering that i will probably have another long day

congratulations to myself for successfully handing in six
essays due today (or yesterday) in uni. one more to go for
next week.

2.39 am

well eight minutes have passed without typing hardly
anything. too busy chatting. i still can't get over the
fact that there sure are a lot of DOM's out there. ick. i
wish old men would just stick to old women..and not try to
hit on young girls.

2.46 am

'a sorta fairytale' by tori amos playing on my computer
right now. i wish life is a fairytale. the good always wins
and everyone lives happily ever after.

well i don't really have much to say. i should post this up
and just continue living this silly little life of mine.

good morning to everyone. another day awaits.