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2002-11-08 15:04:30 (UTC)


this is so fuckin gay. im so sick of being alone. i want to
be with someone. not jus anyone, i know who i want to be
with. but no. everytime i like someone it turns out that i
cant have em. always always always. da da da damnnnn. this
bites. i hate everything. but i love her ‹/3

but yea anyways. elicia has looked at me so many tiems and she didnt
do jack shit. i told her she was all talk. bullshit shes gonna lick
my ass. hah. shes the one whos already gotten her ass beat by a
freshman this year, and i dont doubt that it will happen again. her
bf looked at me wierd today. i was like 'DONT FUKIN LOOK AT ME"
an he left me alone. oh yea im scared of her. bleh.

im grounded yay fukin yay. oh well at least ill get a lot of wirting
and reading done this weekend. and maybe ill actually do my homework

i need drugs! not really, im goin straight edge. NOT. heh heh heh

yea i dont have anything else to write about cause my life is dull
and boring and blah blah bull shit and more bull shit.

someone call me this weekend. i can guarentee that ill be bored of my
ass and ill want to talk lol.

hasta luego. =Þ