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2001-08-13 19:50:47 (UTC)

New song and bro and sis leave for a few weeks

Dear diary,
Hey i am happy cuz i wrote a new song and it is called I
know what it's like. it is about this guy who is older
ythen me and i think he is so cute but i can't go out with
him so i wrote this song for him here is a sample of from
it it goes:I know what it's like to love some one who's
either to old or to young.
I am really happy cuz my sis left for a week and i am kinda
sad cuz my big bother left for 2 weeks to Costa rica. i
hope he gets there safely and i hope he has fun. I am left
with my mom and dad and lil' brother and i am kinda happy
cuz it will be quit around the house. Wells i gots to go

T T Y L,