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2002-11-08 13:59:05 (UTC)

Fun Times @ ECU!

Yeah, um, I didn't get to post last night. Something was
wrong with the site. But anyway, here I am, I line
waiting until 11 oclock when I can get my schedule for teh
2nd semester done. Its not even 9 now.

Yesterday was a good day...I can't believe I read ECON!!
And I even read again this morning, I guess reading this morning
had something to do with the fact that I am sittin' in
Bate Building waiting on my scheduling time to open, with nothing
else to do, but then I had an epiphany!! I have wireless internet
on my laptop. So then I put down my Microeconomics book and came
here. LOL

Wish me luck on my scheduling!

Oh yeah.... I met Alicia, shes cool. ;-)

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