2001-08-13 19:14:39 (UTC)

August 13th...ANOTHER BORING WEEK AHEAD??......

Today was the first day that I got out of school early. I
get out after 3rd block. It would be cool if I had some
where to be or something, but I don't. I have to be to work
at five, but that still leaves me with a lil extra time. I
guess I'll just do homework or something. This lil time
that I have could be really letal if a certain someone was
still around! Ummm....it's for the best that he's not.
Anyway, Nicole, one of Travis's friends, was telling me
about how much Travis likes me. I don't know why he just
won't say anything. He wants to ask me to the prom too.
Lawd, what a mess. I kinda have this dilemma....okay, in
the back of my mind I see myself going with Leroy, but
that's no sure thing. Then, there are some other people I
could see myself going with...that would be just to go with
them though. Now, Travis wants to go with me. WHAT SHOULD I
DO. I've ruled out the whole Leroy possibility. WHY? Well,
for one thing...I gotta let him go. And two, there's no
certainty that he would show up! The other people I have in
mind are just in mind. I haven't really made any moves
towards those people. Travis...man, I don't even know about

Well, I can't worry myself about it because prom is some
ways away. But anyway, things have just been boring around
here. I want to stand up and do something. Like, I want to
make a movement or something. I don't know what it would be
about, but just something. Baldwin High is not the high
school atmosphere that you would think a high school would
present. It's more like a jail. Mr. Chandler needs to let
someone else be the principal or something. It's a total
dictatorship! I hate it man. I don't know what to say about
all that mess though.....*J*

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