2001-08-13 19:06:54 (UTC)

Last Nite

Now I am more confused than ever. It all started last nite
while I was talkin to my fwen who's da cousin of da guy I
like. Lets just say dat I can't blame her for wat she told
meeh coz I asked her for da advice. I should be able to
handle watever advice she would have given meeh. But I
guess I couldn't handle her advice. I felt more upset than
I was before I talked to her. I don't blame her for n/e of
dis. I just wished dat wat she told meeh could have been
wat I wanted to hear. I told her of how I was totally
crushing on her cousin, things dat she didn't knoe exactly
how I felt bout him. Though when I told her how I wanted to
be w/ him soo bad and how I wish he could just like meeh.
She told meeh of how there r other guys out there dat r
basically like him and dat I might have a chance w/ them.
So in some way she was just saying dat I don't have a
chance w/ her cousin. Now dat made meeh really sad. I was
soo upset after wat she just said dat I told her I had to
go even though in some way I really didn't have to go. I
was just really hurt u know. I just told her dat I had a
headache and had to go. Well I didn't really have a
headache I just was soo upset dat I couldn't talk to her
n/e more dat nite. After I stopped talkin to her I just
turned off my lights in my room and layed down on my bed in
da dark. I honestly have to say dat as I layed down on my
bed I started to cry. I cryed until I couldn't cry n/e
more. I could hardly sleep dat nite. All I wanted was for
her cousin to like meeh. Y can't he just like meeh. I feel
soo bad.

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