kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-11-08 09:02:18 (UTC)

Dave is such a cute slave. He..

Dave is such a cute slave. He did kinda annoy me in a
good way today. He got offline to go to bed. Then he
hops on, says "have wet, horny, nasty dreams mistress" and
then hops off before I can respond. It was so out of the
blue. I loved it! I hope he keeps doing random things
like that.

I was thinking the other day that I hope I am not playing
him more than Mandy is. I mean with Mandy he knows that
it's up in the air. One day she's with Shaun and the next
she doesn't want to be with him.

With me I am with John. Dave knows that. I just hope he
doesn't figure that things will always be as open. If
John and I do get married some day I can't stay up all
night and talk to Dave online. And I certainly can't be
as sexual in our conversations. I hope Dave doesn't count
on things being the same forever. My guess is he
certainly isn't dumb so he must see that things will
change a lot.

Dave will most likely not come over this weekend. He does
not want to drive the couple hours over here to only be
here Saturday evening. Also he kinda doesn't want to
spend a long time with Mandy. he can only deal with her
for a little while.

She was starting to get on my nerves a bit tonight. It
was the whole acting cute and innocent thing. And she was
kinda acting immature again. I don't think I could have
lasted much more than the nearly two hours I spent around
her tonight. It had nothing to do with dave, she was just
getting annoying.

Since Dave is not coming this weekend I told him he had to
come over one of the two following weekends. I need to
see him. I miss seeing his face.

We were talking about how fun it is to have our little
secret. I am not going to tell John about the porno
script I am writing. I'm only going to tell Dave. It
would be awsome if I could really make it work. I mean if
we could get enough people and really film it. I am
really going to put my heart into it. This script has to
be really good!

I am having a little fun with photoshop and a picture of
Dave. It's the picture with the blue shirt that he gave
me a couple days ago. I have added a leather hood, collar
that says slave and a leather harness. I also changed his
name plate to read "Slave Boy" instead of his real name.

It is quite fun. I might just have to send it to him.