Daily Rants
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2002-11-08 08:04:25 (UTC)

Yay. Just Yay.

Such goodness abounds! Everything in my life is going well
right now. (Well, except for the blasted 78 on the Orgo
Exam... but I still have a solid B in the class so I'm ok)

Roleplaying was much fun. My character kicked copious of
monster rear, which is always enjoyable. I'm actually
getting really attached to Bridget (my character)... in
fact all the characters this time around are great. Luis
(Reid) is entirely too trusting, and very emphatic when it
comes to emotions (the forehead scrolling thought marquee,
and death by pencil...) Whereas Dean (Beau) is so amusing
with the martyr/angsty "blackness of my soul" thing going
on. Then Constantino (Ben) putting in his hours at the
munch to buy more speed and hangin' with his homies. And
Poor, Poor Father Vlad (Annamarie) who has to deal with the
gangster, the cop, the hooch and the lawyer.

I was never able to get attached to a character before,
well - save for the original (Kat Charisma) my lovely
little bard and Anya, my devious vampire. We were always
switching gaming systems or quests, so I never fixated on
any one character - unlike Mike.. who's attachment to his
Star Wars character lasted for as long as our relationship
has thus far...

So now my Mom's going to be here this weekend, which will
be nice.. actually miss my parents, just for nostalgia's
sake (especially after doing that psych project). So
that's about it. Mike's away for the weekend to the
Batizado in New York. I think I told him about 15 times to
not hurt himself. Let's see if any of it sank in. :-P