lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-08 04:17:59 (UTC)

i tangoed with malibu

hopefully that will be my quote in the paper...haha...i got
my name written down (what we call a sympathy write)
after the race today. amber totally won it, and she was
getting interviewed by some newspaper guy, and then
he turned to me and asked me about falling...which i
did...thanks to christine hoff, my archrival. of course,
she was super-sweet after the race and said "thank
you" and i was super-sweet and we hugged but
was harsh. a really rough race. even if i'd beaten
christine, we still would have been back by 3 points, so
i don't feel terrible. but it's disappointing...i don't really
like thinking about it. i should have beaten her...raaaar.

basically that's the end of my junior year season...i
totally thought we'd be doing prelims and stuff, but
since we got 3rd, none of our teams are advancing...but
i'm glad. this was an awesome race to end was
pouring rain and i slid down a muddy hill and when i
got into the shower four long hours later, the water ran
brown for five minutes. incredible. there's nothing
better than the feeling of being totally dirty and then
rinsing off. ahhhhh. it was also symbolic...washing off
the harsh defeat. usually i don't care that much, but
today was just a disappointment.

acrimonious...look it was a vocab word on my test
this morning, and it describes how i feel...a little...but i'll
be ok! peace out!