*...Days Upon Days...*
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2002-11-08 04:10:30 (UTC)

7th (Days r Off by One) * 4-1-1

First entry, it's wierd, kinda dumb but hey it'll work. i
was jus bored n my friend told me about this, and i
thought, what the hell, my life is pretty interesting for
others to read anyway..i gues i should tell u a lil about

Name: Uyen Pham..but close friends n family call me Meggie
Age: 16 and like 3/4..i'll be 17 in 10 days!
Height: 5'5
Weight: ALOT
Hair: i wanna dye it back to normal..but i'm cutting it
next week
Occupation: i Work @ Suncoast in the Media center with my
best friend Stephanie..n i go to JBHS..go indians..yay..
Fav. Color: Baby Blue
Fav. Food: eww..i've been eatin too much..can't u tell?
but uhhh i like ...Chicken Soft Tacos from Del Taco..n
biscuits from KFC..mmm..
Best friends: Stephanie, Andrea, Torrey, Jessica , Loni,
and David
Hates: fake fake fake b-oches
Likes: You
..that's it...

well i went to see my boy today and we picked up our
Coronation pictures. They were sooo cute! On it was also
Halloween pix too, like his show and how he had blue hair.
MMMmmm it looked really cute. What can i say, Jeremy is a
hottie =) with a bootie to go with it. Yeah, don't hate.
Anyway, Jeremy is my guy who goes to Burbank high
School..oh yeah! i got pulled over by a cop today too! omg,
can u say scary? my fault, i ran a red light by jbhs and
was going 35 in residential..but the lady let me go...she
was threatening me tho like "running red lights is a $300
fine" but she's dumb cuz i've had my license for more than
6 months..and she's like "u have to drive with sumone" n
i'm like "umm..no"..but she let me go cuz i guess my record
was clean...that's it. now i'm home..watching FRIENDS..see

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