The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-08-13 18:08:39 (UTC)

Crazy Little Sisters

My little sisters thought eve 6 was sum 41. Crazy kids.
They are not musically adept like me. Oh well. Life is
becoming a drag. Heh whats new.

I love trica. That girl rocks. Dont have a clue where i
would be without her. People say im crazy to be in a long
distance relationship. Maybe I am. But Im in love.

I dont know what to write.

I worked 10 hours yesterday. It wasnt that bad.

Why does my little sister think this is the graduation
song. Its heres to the night by eve 6. Its about losing a
girl. Its not about graduating its about losing a girl.
Maybe its about graduation but it sure doesnt seem like
it. Oh well.

Im gonna go. Bye

I love tricia.