Duke Man
2002-11-08 03:29:38 (UTC)


WEll tday during my Chemistry test that was nice and
easy....well accually notin happened during that well I
guess that it was during lunch when I found out that this
girl by the name of megan correnti said that I was gay
cause I "JUST AM" I think that that isn't nice and tht she
should shove it up her ass.....lol......but oh wll other
then I that I didn't notin except I talked bout amusment
parks like SIx flags and that place is cool cause I am like
a rollar coater freak and I hve to have coasters otherwise
I think tht i wuld hit the roof.......but that is cool and
al but it isn't like I go there all the time just bout once
a year

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