The mediocrity that is me
2002-11-08 02:57:44 (UTC)

crazy dream

so I fell asleep for two and a half hours.

we snuck on a boat, me and two or three of my friends. i
remember jumping and holding on to this poll with the sail
on it and then sliding down it somehow and when we jumped
off it felt soooo good on my back. the sails were white.
but another time it was a pirate ship and the sails were

we went to africa i think. and there was somethiong about
a huge bag of stuffed animals. and i had to go back and
save them or something.

i ended up in band again. there was something about the
clarinet and i got on a bus to NAU. i stayed up for like
forever and never felt tired. when i got there, i called
nich. i totally forgot i was in NAU. i ran into anthony
mcwilliams up there. he looked a lot heavier than the
last time i saw him.

i saw a lot of people up there from band and we talked and
it was weird because i felt incredibly popular. all the
while nich was on the phone and i kept drifiting into the
dream with the ship and the sails and the poles.

he was being a jerk on the phone, refusing to give me back
the clarinet and also not telling me where he lived. and
then i thought i should go visit natalie and chris. the
entire time i had a really strange feeling in my stomach.
good strange. like turned-on strange. i don't know, it
was weird.

and then i woke up