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2002-11-08 02:41:14 (UTC)

How i broke up wit Jason

date: november 6, 2002
yesterday was da day i broke up wit jason he didn't belive
wut i was telling him i told him i was sorry but ur
relationship was heading no where it was on da rocks!!
he said y was i breaking up wit is it someother guy? yes it
was not saying names though he said so u don't c me as bf
only as friend i told him yes he said bye just like that i
think i hurt him really bad but it was heading in no
direction im sorry jason i hurt you but u desever somebody
else that is close you not in another state like me. i
think he was kewl with that but me leaving me him no he
still wants me but i moved on a lot thats pretty much it
but we agreed to be friends but not gf or bf.