80% Illusion
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2002-11-08 01:47:46 (UTC)

Captured III

"What do you want with me?" I askes shakily, lightheaded
and drained of all energy.

"This isn't about what -I- want, persay," he stated, his
obsidian eyes piercing through mine. I stared right back,
momentarily captivated.

"How about you screw the act and tell me what the fuck is
going on here" I said, getting more annoyed at his
vagueness and aching to sit my knees were buckled tight so
I wouldn't collapse.

"Kristin I am a fifteenth century vampire. I was made by a
woman by the name of Risika Dominique. You birth mother.

The world spun and suddenly I began to fall into the
oblivion of unconsciousness. Quicker than human eyes could
see the vampire had me cradled in his arms. The last thing
I remember was the soft blood red sheets. So soft....

"Why...I don't under..." I mumbled.

"Shhh," he smiled. "I will explain everything later. I'll
take care of you."

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