2001-08-13 16:25:49 (UTC)

August 13, 2001

This past week was a complete eye opener. On Tuesday I hung
out with Hieu the entire day and then we eventually spent
the night with the girls at Dae's house. We just sat around
watching girly movies. I did talk to Will while I was there
and found out that he had pink eye. That night was just a
lot good girl time. The next day I was with Hieu again and I
decided to be cute and surprise Will. Hieu drove me to San
Marcos, since he had to stay home. I brought him a get well
ballon and Stuff Magazine. I think that he was thoroughly
surprised by that. We just sat around watching a movie and
then left around 4:45. As we were leaving Hieu asked me if I
had told Will that I liked him...... I was freaking out
because I had to tell him otherwise I was so going to lose
it. I told her that I didn't so she yelled at me like a mom
and told me to go back there and tell him. Well he was
already in the bathroom by that time..... so I did the
dorkiest thing. I told him through the bathroom window. He
laughed a little.... I mean the whole scene looked
ridiculus. But, I told him and he said that he liked me too
and that totally made my day. On Thursday I hung out with
Mikim, Hieu and Lovelyn. We went to the beach and had some
major bonding time. Then we went over to my house and ate
and watched 90210 and Hao came over too...... that made
Hieu's day. That night I went out with Mikim, Lovelyn and
Leigh Ann. We went to this party in La Jolla, but only
stayed there for a few minutes. Then we headed over to
Cane's. That night was okay, but definitely not my best
Cane's night ever. I danced with a bunch of different people
including Mikim's fobs. Not to mention, someone I danced
with insisted on rubbing their stuff against my ass and that
was so not a pleasant experience. On Friday I hung out at
Hieu's house and moped around because I hadn't talked to
Will. I was really being poopy. Then Lovelyn and Mikim came
over and we went to Hill Top for some Mt. Carmel party. We
stayed there until nearly 10. Then we talked with Hieu and
decided to meet up with her to go to the Mira Mesa party.
The best part was that Hieu was with Rico and Will! It was
really cute because I got out of the car and Will rushed
over to me and gave me a big hug. Then he told me that he
had a surprise for me and he gave me a peach colored rose.
It was a total surprise. I thought that Hieu might have had
something to do with it because she knew how I was feeling
that night. But, she didn't he had gotten it all on his
own.... Hieu later told me that he had been thinking about
me and decided to get it and he did try to call me. Anyway,
so we went to the party and that was cool. The next day I
hung out with my mom and then I went with Hieu to Tony's
birtday party. Will and Rico came over too and I was
happy.... hehe. Last night I watched the Princess Diaries
with Mikim and Matt. That was a cute movie, but a total
rental. I'm so sad that both Mikim and Hieu are leaving. Now
I won't have anyone to talk to about all the stupid things
that I talk to them about. I've really gotten close to Mikim
and I'm really going to miss her. I talk to her the way that
I talk to Hieu. Hieu is leaving the day after Mikim and then
I really won't know what I'm going to do. I tell her
everything and I helped her get through her return to school
sadness. Who's going to help me get through mine?! This
whole Will thing has totally got me on cloud nine too. I
really like him and it's really scary because there are real
emotions involved now. But, I promise not to run away from
this one. I like him too much not to give it a try. I love
talking to him and the way that he touches me. I really like
his kisses....... awwww, melt. Please let this one be good.