my life
2002-11-08 01:11:23 (UTC)

juss..nov 7 2002

these daiis..juss skool.... annd stuff..
i still lyk dis guy , *p-chick*, i kall him
peaches... hes fine as n e thin~!
and sooo nice...and sooooo ..ionno.. everythin`!!
seriously..i think im seriously in love...^^
any ways... yea...hmm..
but he lyks sumone else~! dat realli, truly brakes ma
heart..its so hurts soo much to not hab da person
u lyk lyk u bac..does any one agree w me~? o gosh...
^^ n e ways...these daiis, i have faleen away spiritually im trying to get bac...i think ma spiritual lyfe
affects every aspect ob my life... and if my spiritual
life is bad, then my 3 otha areas in my life gets meesed
up too... (skool, friends & family, health)..(im a
christian...^^i dun consider my self religious... i juss
think i lub GOd...i dun consider christianity a religion,
but a love reationship w God... yep~!)n e ways.... my
spiritual life affects every thing~! i mean , literally,
everything`1!! ^^ ..yep..yep...wellpz, last nite~! i had
da PERECT dream~! i jussl ubed it..if it was dis otha fav
band group, (H.O.T, an asian singing group, or peaches or
GOd, it wooda been heck a lot betta)..wellpz, it was
another asian singing group, Shinhwa~!!! omg, it was soo
gud!!! wellpz, g2g~!