Erus de Volucris
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2002-11-08 00:38:21 (UTC)


Funny thing happened today. This new guy at work said that
he knew someone that looked just like me back in Kentucky.
He said that the guy that he knew back home looked
completely like me except that his hair was a bit longer.
That is sort of funny since it is not the only time that it
happened. In English class this girl said, "So, how did
you like your stay in Hawaii?" I said that I have never
been to Hawaii. She said that I sat next to her on the
plane coming back to the mainland and couldn't believe that
I have never been to Hawaii. I hear that sort of thing a
lot. It never really bothered me until today because I
just can't stop thinking about it. Everyone that says that
they say me somewhere else swears that if it wasn't me then
it was exact duplicate. I always ask if maybe they just
looked like me but they always reply that the other person
was me. Seems funny. I wish that I could see one of these
clones. I am going to buy a BMW. I want the 325xi.

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