Daily Rants
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2002-11-07 23:11:58 (UTC)

Driving Music

So, having been a good little student for most of the
quarter so far, I decided to blow off my 2:40 (which later
I found out had been cancelled anyways - go me!) and take
off to see Mike in Ypsi before the Batizado. Which meant 4
hours in the car for me.

However, this is a good thing (I mean, 9 hours of driving
in one day) since it means I get to listen to music on the
way. I finally took the same 6 CDs I'd been listening to
for the last two months (Moulin Rouge, Hammerfall, Ed Guy,
Run Lola Run, Dave Matthews, and Santana) and put in some
old favorites - Great Big Sea, Ash, Barenaked Ladies,
Hackers, and some old burned CDs. Forgotten just how much
I loved Great Big Sea. Especially their lyrics.

Oh, and a result of going to visit Mike - new Capo pick up
line (even though I'm butchering the spelling)

"Hey baby, wanna play *hide the Berimbau?*" ;) Though Mike
said he couldn't use it due to the fact that he would only
have one "gourd" as it was...