The never ending story
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2002-11-07 22:36:47 (UTC)

hmm ..

THIS IS MY DIARY! A life story all about ME... how
exciting! I might actually keep up with this thing too! So
lets see...
Today school sucked! Thats about all.. this whole
gettin up early thing KILLS me but i dont feel like working
at BK so i guess it works for now. No drama went on at
school... but i guess if i actually went and stayed in
class id know huh? I got my report card too!!! it was like
A B C C something like that... im soo PROUD! I think im
gonna do the pagent too... im gonna sing that song My Guy
thats REALLY old and kinda do this dance thing to it. I
doubt ill win or anything and its not the reason why im
doing it but it will be fun and if u pray for me i just
might! Im not sure who would sponsor me though... well a
lot of ppl would... but i dont know who to pick.. not pick--
i sound like im grocery shopping but i dont know who to
ask. My sister liz is outta town and im watchin her dog and
i gave him a mohawk- its great! hes a shit-zu! Oh boy its
funny... when she gets home shell probably hold me down and
give me one but its fun for now! Well im gonna go cuz im
lookin for a free kitty in the news paper! Matt ( my
boyfriend) said since they were free hed get me one- hey im
not THAT hard to please! But ill call... wait... write in
this later... dunno where my mind is!

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