beccas diary
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2002-11-07 22:19:40 (UTC)

this is cool

heyy guys this is becca but i hope you know that if your
reading this....shannon had one of these things...so i had
to have one because 'shes the coolest'....well i am typing
a paper for fullwood that has to be 8 pages long...geeze
what happened to 2 to 3 pages back in SAS...well today was
pretty fun, just like the normal...it was book day in gym
today so as usual i gave back masages to every
one...actually just steven, eva, and isaac...but any way,
then in algebra, we did another lesson whicxh is nothin
really new. then in science...we did another lab
experiment with this goo that was the shit...it was awsome
man. and then in research we did more of our project and
thats bout it...and now im here with you writeing
this...ooo yea, i went to walmart and smoothie king after
school....that was the highlight of the day...
Bartender becca

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