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2001-08-13 13:33:41 (UTC)

just some food for thought

Rlationships- What is it about them that make people want
one. Sure there are differnt types of relatonships.
Friendships, family, work, and romantic. But what is the
appropriate age to have a remantic relationship?Who should
start what when? Does a romantic rlationship have to be
sexual right away?
Now don't get me wrong, I have a boyfriend that I love very
much and plan to stay with for a long time, I am in senior
year of highschool and I am not a Virgin anymore, but I was
just thinking. Something that I feel most people don't do
Now I know that sex has to play a role at some point in
time for reproduction, but what is the point/the age, in
which a responsibility/a pleasure like that comes into
play? Is it after college,when you are well on your way in
life?When you know what you what to do with you life and
have the responsibility to make it on your own. when you
don't have the stresses of what college you are going to
get into and if you are going to pass your next test in an
hour. Should we really be worried about who likes who,what
guy or girl is looking at you, and about who broke up with
who, at that stage in life?? And yet we all "rush" into
these "distractions" and we all get out hearts broken and
we all make mistakes and finally learn when it is all to
late to do anything about it. Live and Learn (and then get
luvs). But why learn the hard way? why not weigh the pros
and the cons ahead of time and see if it is really worth it
all. The invested time in the comitment. The pain and
devistation, the defeat and the false sense of true love?
But then there is the true affection and attraction between
two people that make it all worthwhile, whether it is
physical, sexual or a psychological attraction of the mind
and personality.
Are relationships really more trouble than they are worth?

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