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2001-08-13 13:19:51 (UTC)

Asheron's Call Do's and Don'ts

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen...

This is Jen speaking, and I'm here to teach all you
n00bs about adventuring in Asheron's Call.

Tip #1: Stock Up.

- This one should be obvious, but, well, it isn't. People
forget spell components, ammunition for their
bows/crossbows, healing kits to patch themselves up, and
above all, mana stones to keep their magical items charged.
If you're going into a dungeon, stock up. You'll thank
yourself later.

Tip #2: Learn Your Spells BEFORE You Enter The Dungeon

- Another no-brainer, I know, but you'd be surprised. A
level 15 player at the entrance to a dungeon full of level
90 monsters and he doesn't know the spell to go back to the
safe town.

...... They should have an IQ test for the internet. I

Tip #3: If You're Running Around In A Dungeon... WEAR YOUR

- A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless for his own
good is in the habit of taking his magical equipment (with
all the protective and stat or skill enhancing spells on
them) in the dungeon where all the monsters are. And he
wonders why he dies. A lot. -_-;;;;


- This is the biggest peeve of a lot of people. You're
fighting a high level monster and you've just about got it
dead and all those experience points will be yours... At
least, it would have been if Twinkie the Melee bunny hadn't
come up and killed the monster with one hit. You're lucky if
you see HALF the experience that you would have gotten from
the kill itself. It only takes a second to see if the
targeted monster has been damaged before or not. If it has,
its someone else's kill and you should leave it alone.