High and Happy College Student
2002-11-07 20:41:27 (UTC)

November 6th Entry...

Hi there! What a shitty day, that’s all that I can say
about the day. It started off not long after I woke up
this morning. I go to put all my books in my back pack,
and find that my bottle of tanning lotion has exploded
inside the bag. Ahh…I go outside to smoke before catching
the bus, it’s raining. That’s cool, it was kind of
refreshing. For 20 minutes I search frantically for my
umbrella. Did I find it?! Nope. So, I get on the bus and
go to school, thinking this is the day that I have class
with *Hacobe, and it’s a Wednesday, it should fly by. On
the bus I had to put my backpack on my lap, because the
bus is always so full and someone needed to sit next to
me. At school as I’m getting off the bus, I notice that my
pants are soaked where my bag had been. What the fuc? So,
I open my bag and the lid on the container that had the
chicken soup in it that I was eating for lunch, had come
off. My bags soaked, my books wet, and I can’t use the
damn backpack for the rest of the day. At this point, I
was thinking, should I just go home? Nope, I gotta visit
with the hottie in my class. Literature class went well, I
got a B on my mid-term so that was good. I go 45 minutes
early to my class with *Hacobe, he’s always there early,
waiting. I wait and wait, and wait even more. He never
showed up for class today. L What an even shittier way for
my day to go. I won’t see him until next freakin’
Wednesday now. He’s been on my mind so much lately, it
scares me. So, after he wasn’t in class I knew that I was
doomed, why even finish the day? I did though, and now I’m
here venting! Gosh I’m so glad I have this way of venting!
I had an interesting character come up and talk to
me at school today. His name was Chris. I walked by this
man and this woman, and they were in a conversation. I
looked at the woman and kept on walking. So, as I’m
smoking a cigg waiting for class to start, this guy comes
up to me and says, “You walk by, stare me down, and can’t
even say hi?” I’d never even seen this guy until today
when I walked by the woman. I didn’t even look at him.
Anyhow, he talks to me for awhile, and goes on to tell me
how gorgeous I look today and that he see’s me around a
lot. I was flattered. There’s a small problem though, I am
VERY rarely EVER attracted to dark skinned males, and kind
of dark skin. They are wonderful people, but just not in
my realm of attraction, sure I’d love to be friends with
them, but I don’t like them the way that they like me.
Anyhow, Chris is probably the fifth dark skinned guy that
has “picked up” on me in the last three days. What do I
say? My friends say that I’m prejudice but I don’t think
that I am. I have been attracted to some dark skinned
males in my life, just not many. Perhaps, it’s because I
was raped as a 12 year old by a dark skinned male? That’s
a whole nother entry though. I just don’t know what to do
with these admirers?! There’s also a guy named *Oscar that
would like to get with me, dark skinned as well. AHHHHH! I
don’t know what to say.
Anyhow, the daily ranting of me! Thanks for tuning
in! It’s time for some homework. Perhaps I will write
later….peace out….smoke gonja!
Sorry about the post, it's a day late, my internet was
freakin out!