My Heart and Soul....
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2002-11-07 20:39:50 (UTC)


hahaha...yea, so It's thursday. And thats all I'm writing.

No no I'm kidding. But yea, this week has been somewhat
stressful. The end of the marking period is tomorrow, and
I've had to get a LOT of work done. (mostly because I put it
off until the last minute, but that is beside the point.)
But...it's finally thursday, and all i have to left to
finish is my Essay for my writing class...which is on Teen
Depression, so I'm pretty well versed on my topic. Yea...

This weekend is our Model UN Conference. I'm excited,
because our group worked our asses off for this, and
hopefully we will win some awards for it! That would ROCK! :-D

Ugh...bad thing...(there's always something isnt there?)
November 12. :-( The day I met David. I remember every
detail of that night. Exactly what we were wearing, exactly
what happened, exactly how I felt when he called and asked
if he could see me again. The first time I think I
actually loved a guy. Ugh...But I don't want to say I miss
him too much, cause I'm sure everyone just wants me to get
over him. It won't happen. I just don't see it happening.
Sure, there have been other guys in my life since him, but
nothing serious, and nothing that has changed any of my
feelings about him. I think what it is about him....is the
pure chance of it all. We met on accident, and both felt so
drawn to each other. It was fate. His favorite
spot...looks directly across the lake at my favorite spot.
So for a good portion of our lives, we sat staring at each
other without knowing that. I brought him to that spot.
And even though I've brought a couple other guys there, for
the first time, I could tell it meant as much to him as it
did to me. That night we sat just looking at the stars, and
talking about life. wow. hahaha...that beach has a lot of
memories for me. (if you know what beach im talking about,
then you know what I am talking about!)

Ok..but enough about him. Because my promise to myself for
this year is to live for myself. No more dwelling on the
past. No more regrets. I'm going to live my life to the
fullest, and have a GREAT TIME DOING IT! Too many times I've
actually considered changing my path just to please someone
else. From now on, everything I do I do for myself. And more
importantly, because I want to.

16 sucked. A LOT! 17, was OK. Lots of great memoires, but a
lot of sad ones too. 18. It's going to be my year. great
friends, great times, and of course...SENIOR YEAR!

Only 23 days left. So for 23 days I'm going to be a little
mopey and reflective....but there is nothing wrong with
that. November is a very full month when it comes to

Ok...so I love you all! Thanks Gaby for the last couple
days. It was great to hang out like old times..."I'm still
Jenny from the block..." G-Vi and J-Fo...BFF!!! LYLAS!!

AND...props to my gurl ams....miss ya SOO MUCH...can't
wait til Feb!!!!!!

hahahaha...talk to you all soon! AND HEY! Why don't you
e-mail me sometime? I miss you guys!

All My Love,


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