rundari's endless ranting
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2001-08-13 12:06:29 (UTC)

*goes into the past,kicks herself for bounding into a room,then comes back snickering*

so....i'm bored.are you bored?good.BORED
BORED BORED BORED BORED!!!!! okiees.i wrote a song in my
extreme boredom last night.i was listening to johnny cash's
ghost riders in the sky ('_';;)so it's pretty much in the
tune of that with johnny singin its kinda based off
a dream i had with following me around,narrating my
day.(i have wierd dreams)
Gather 'round children,and I shall tell you the tale of
Rundari's bad day.
~ ~ ~ ~
Twas a bad,bad day,when Rundari got up,
spilled in her lap,a coffee cup.
When she pulled into school that day,
she fell in the mud,and something told her that brown stain
was there to stay.
Her head looked to the sky,and in angst she cried,"Holy
"Language,dear.",said a nun that just happened to be
passing by.
As she ran towards her locker,the bell rang,
which made Rundari think,"Oh,dang."
She was late again,to her gym class,
and in the locker room she did hurry,although she forgot
her shorts and showed everyone her ass.
Her face turned red,and she went back into that cement room.
She got fully clothed,then all of a sudden,heard a loud
Rundari ran outside,and she did see,
4 guys with uzis,dressed in black,with boots that went up
to the knee.
These guys where no ordinary guys,
that teenage get-up was just a durned disguise.
For they were really Liberal terrorists in the Red Squirrel.
They fired,and they shot,and Rund didnt know what to do,the
poor girl.
So she ran,and she ran,for all it was worth,till she was
far away..
Safe at home,atleast somethin was goin right,till her
boyfriend came in and said,"Honey,Im gay."
Well,that was the last straw for our heroine,
and she once again saw the bull that she was standing in.
She drove to a cornfield,where she could relax and think,
when all of a sudden,down came a spaceship,as black as ink.
The ship beamed her up,and there aliens,there for an evil
And unfortunately,Rund's heiny,their probes did kiss.
They finally dropped her off,at home again,
and Rundari wanted nothing more than to erase what had been.
She slipped into her bed,all nice and cozy,
when her brother turned on the sterio and decided to dosi-
How Rund screamed,how she wished her day had got better
when she thought,"Atleast Im not dead,and that guy can quit
singin the song."

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