Katlyn's Naughty, Dirty Diary
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2002-11-07 20:33:49 (UTC)

First Entry

Hi, I'm called Katlyn Taylor and I wanted to write a diary
that other people can read and enjoy. Hopefully it will
turn you in and get you off, just like I hope it'll do for

I'm almost 19 years old and I have just started
university, so I'm sure I'll have many stories to tell.

On quiet days I'll probably write about my fantasies and
how I like to 'satify' myself with the aid of some of my
favourite toys.

I really need feed back though to criticise or praise me
so I know if I'm going too far or not far enough, so
please leave messages. I'll probably put up my first
proper entry tonight. It's going to take me a while to
recount all my passed experienced too, but I hope you'll
keep calling back to check my diary.

Anyway, enjoy,

Love Kat