Bruce Wayne

2002-11-07 20:13:07 (UTC)

Darts and Cops

What a night last night was.

We had the 2nd of 2 matches with a team that we nearly came
to blows with 5 weeks ago. We staged a dramatic come from
behind victory over them the first time we played. They
were extremely poor sports (something I have no tolerance
for) and push literally came to shove. In typical Drunk
fashion it was all for one. Nothing happened really, except
for the fact that we ridiculed them mercilessly .

Last night we played at their place. I shot pretty well. We
won the 1st 601, lost the cricket and I won my 301 in a
nail biter We destroyed them...8-3. A huge win and
hopefully secured 1st place for another week. The object of
the most ridicule on their team was a filthy dirty guy we
nicknamed "Pigpen". Well this time he was showered, shaved,
wearing a sweater and corduroys ... we didn't recognize him.
It was hysterical to see him put forth the effort to be
clean...guess you had to be there. Trust me it was very

I'm not sure if it's the Darts that I love or just the
competing. I love the team atmosphere that we have and the
intensity of the matches. I really miss athletic
competition and this fills that void in some way. I revel
in the tension, the intensity of focus, the rush of the
winning shot. I bitterly hate loosing, but it's part of the
deal and I have little tolerance for sore losers.

So after an evening of beers and victory, we headed out to
the Hong Kong for Mai Tais and PU PU Platters. The rest of
the boys smoked before the chow. Thankfully I abstained
because afterward, on my way home I got zapped by the
flashing blue lights of Massachusetts finest. I was 50
yards from the exit. I didn't think I was going that fast,
but he said 95mph. No fuckin way. so now I'ma gonna have to
fight it. (rolling up my sleeves). I was behind a tractor
trailer and signaling to exit. There is no way I was going
95 50 yards from the exit. Pain in the ass. To add insult
to injury , the state of Massachusetts has decided to tack
on an additional $25 to all speeding tix to go to the head
injury fund. Not that it's a n unworthy cause, but how do
they get to tag us like that. Something very wrong with
that. Unfortunately I was in no position to argue , because
I might been in a bit of scalding water if he wanted a
breathalyzer...that woulda sucked in the most horrific way.

Well yet another disaster averted, if I can get out of the
ticket all will be right in the world!