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2001-08-13 11:10:39 (UTC)


so, my whole topic thing is life sux? well, LOL! what a
joke! it is nice weather, people are being cool/nice! im
having a good time...i got my exam results back, i have 9
weeks left of school...and yea!

life at home iswnt to crash hot...im sick of my parents and
they are sick of me! i cant wait to get out of home! im
going to move away with friends, or family, or by myself!
it will be fun fun fun fun fun!!!

the weekend just gone was fun! i drank friday night with a
friend, we had a good time! i went to a gig thing where a
DJ played, was umm....different and SHIT! boring as hell
and yeah....

saturday was a good day! i bumbed around, did some homework
and got up to date with a couple of subjects!!! fun fun fun!

well, i am going to go, otherwise i wont have anything else
to write in here another time soon....well, i will probably
forget about this, but u know...u get that!


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