Bruce Wayne

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2002-11-07 19:17:01 (UTC)

Erection Day

2002-11-05 20:25:36
Erection Day

Well it's been about a week since my last entry. So far
everything with the Mrs. is ok. She's still dizzy from time
to time, but the MRI was negative, so we breathed a
collective sigh of relief. We still need to find out the
cause of the dizziness, but the absence of a brain tumor is
never a bad thing.

Now for something completely unrelated...

Occasionally my body reminds me of younger days (I'm
37...not quite ancient). I can remember my sophomore year
in high school, second period Math class was erection time.
I'm a completely heterosexual male, my teacher was a
particularly foul man, and I was in an all male school.
There was no sexual stimulus that I could lay the blame on,
but come hell or high-water I had a full blown boner
sometime during second period. Hell...I don't even like
math! Now I can't claim to be on as regular a schedule now,
but I continue to have these spontaneous hard ons with
great frequency, and frankly I'm enjoying it for the most
part. Admittedly it makes moving about the office a bit
awkward, but it's a pretty terrific distraction.

There is clearly no "chicken or egg" going on here. I think
about sex and I get a stiffy, I get a stiffy and I think
about sex. I don't know about other guys, but just getting
hard feel pretty damned good to me, and I'll admit to
sneaking a few good rubs on my good friend when no one's
looking. It's probably good that I'm in a cube 'cause the
temptation to occasionally give myself a treat right in the
office could be a bit too much for me to handle.

This would be the place where I should be saying ..."I wish
I could be a woman for a day"...and I most definitely do,
but being a guy is a pretty good deal, and having a penis
rocks.It's not just the ability to write my name in the
snow...although I do love that! There's the line about "If
I had a ________(enter the opposite sex genitalia ) I'd
never leave the house. I definitely subscribe to that, but
I have a tough enough time gettin out of the house as it
is, and I've had a penis my whole life. I can't imagine how
I'd be if I woke up as a woman tomorrow. That's alot of fun
to think about. Uh oh...looks like I'm gonna be stuck
sittin' @ my desk for a while again.

I have an extremely active imagination, and it's always
working. Once I get onto an erotic train of thought, short
of an orgasm, it takes an awful lot to derail me . Once I
dip my toe in the fantasy pool I wanna be swimming in the
warm deep waters. I'm a pretty happy go luck guy, and I've
usually got a smile on my face and people often wonder's no huge mystery!!!!!

I was in the market over the weekend and I spent a few
minutes watching a beautiful young (early 30's)blonde woman
picking her produce out. Good produce was obviously very
important to her because, much to my delight, she was very
thorough. I watched her pluck a grape off a bundle. It was
a large red grape. She sunk her incisors into the taut skin
and through the fleshy fruit curling her tongue beneath it
and drawing it into her mouth. This is just a small example
of what goes on in my head all the time. I suppose there
are heavier crosses to bear. Sometimes I wish people were
pack animals and I was the alpha dog. I just flat out love
women...all sizes (well most sizes)shapes and colors. I sit
in traffic and I'm completely taken by women just twirling
their hair. MMMM

I'm nearly giggling out loud at my desk, @ work thinking
some wonderful dirty thoughts and nobody knows it...and I'm
gettin paid to boot! I better get back to work because if I
continue down this path, I might loose the battle with
impulse control. What a mess I am....hehehehehe.