Bruce Wayne

2002-11-07 19:16:13 (UTC)


2002-10-30 19:26:53
Crossroads's Wednesday. Last night was a restless sleep. I
was ok till about 4:00am when I awoke and started getting
nervous about the posibilities of the Mrs' MRI. Got kinda
scared considering th worst while hoping for the best. It
took more energy thatn I expected it would, but I did
manage to fall back asleep. For the first tome in my life
I'm not exactly looking forward to my B'day. Hopefully we
won't be waiting all day for the results.

We watched 24 last night and dropped off some annoymous
Halloween gifts. She was a riot, insisting we drop them @
doors and ring the bells then run away. She drove the get
away car, in retrospect I'm really glad I didn't follow the
impulse in the package store when we were costumed for the
party. She's a lousy get away driver!!!

Wednesdays are guys night. We play in a Dart league for 10
weeks in the Summer/fall, and another 10 in winter/spring.
The name of the team is the Drunks. Pretty politically
incorrect and somewhat deserved. We're very competitive,
but darts is really just an excuse to hang out. We're very
tight...more a family/gang in the Sopranos sense than a
team. It is a "all for one one for all "situation and
whenever anyone gets out of line with one of us the other
6,7,8 (depending on the night ) are right there to back 'em

It'll be a good distraction and some support to get out
with the guys...I'll talk about the MRI a bit and then let
it go for a few hrs (a luxury I hope my wife is providing
herself). I'm trying to be pretty upbeat around her, but
the not knowing is tough. I'm not big on approaching
crossroads. I generally like to plunge in and deal rather
than intellectualize the matter. I'll probably preferr my
position today if the news tomorrow is bad.

We're a hell of a team, the two of us and I have no doubt
in our ability to overcome what ever difficulties may face
us. If the news is bad , we'll grieve a bit, dust ourselves
off and win the battle. That's what we do, and that's who
we are.