Bruce Wayne

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2002-11-07 19:09:57 (UTC)

a wrinkle

2002-10-29 21:45:06
a wrinkle

A co-worker's son, 18 years old, developed a brain tumor
early this past spring. I wouldn't wish this on my own
enemy. No parent should have to watch their child wrestle
with something like that. He was opperated on and all
seemed well. During his 6 month checkup it was revealed
that he's had a recurrence. They are in the early stages of
the process of figuring out how to attack it this time.

During this, he and I had a number of conversations about
how he and his family were handeling all of it. After
working in HIV services for the ammount of time that I had,
I was relatively comfortable talking with him about the
difficulties they were all encountering. I said all the
right things, offered all of the support possible. There is
only so much one can do from the outside.

Yesterday my wife went to the doctors. She'd been having
headaches for the better part of a week and has had some
dizziness. We both dismissed it as maybe an inner ear
infection. Her Dr. scheduled her for an MRI to see if there
might be something going on in her head. A little scarry ,
to say the least. I joined her this morning for the
appointment, all went as well as possible. We have to wait
48 hrs for the results.

In an effort to not put the carriage before the horse ,
we're keeping a level head about the whole thing, but one
can't help but to wonder about all of the possibilities.
Swallowing hard past the lump in my throat. I came to work
@ about noon and haven't done a single thing all day. I was
shocked to look at the clock and see it's already 4:30. I
can hear all of the advice I offered to my co-worker just a
few months echoing in my ears. All sound advice, but the
perspective is so different now.

We Instant Message eachother during the day all the time.
Today I asked her if she knew what some bricks for a walk
way we're installing were going to cost. She's encyclopedic
with that kind of stuff. She couldn't remember, and made a
joke about the tumor taking up that space. I could feel my
stomach twist at the mention of the word tumor. Pretty
scarry proposition. I couldn't bring myself to laugh at it.

We should have some answers Thursday (my B'day), till then
we'll try to go on, business as usual. A little bravado
goes a long way. In the meantime I'll follow my own advice
and take one day at a time

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