Bruce Wayne

2002-11-07 19:09:06 (UTC)


2002-10-28 20:55:21

We went to a holloween party this weekend. I had forgotten
how much I like costume parties. I was all decked out as
Slash (Guns and Roses) and the Mrs was Cruella Devil (101
Dalmatians) . She looked absolutely awesome.

We stopped in a package store for some beer and ice in full
costume. I could feel every eye in the place on us, and I
gotta admit that I enjoyed it. That must be how celebrities
feel all the time...I guess it would get old after a
while....who am I kidding? While we were in line to pay I
had the urge to reenact the coffee shop scene from Pulp

"This is a stick up...any one of you mother fucking
pricks move and I'll execute every mother fucking one of

I was chuckling to myself in line the whole time , thinking
about how funny the whole thing would read in the newspaper
the next day. "Liquor Store robbed by Slash and Cruella
Deville, The only words spoken were from Pulp fiction"
Certainly not worth going to jail over, but as I proceded
to drink that 6 pack the idea became funnier and funnier. I
wonder how many crimes have started over a bad impulse
like that. Probably lots! Thank God for impulse controll.