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2002-11-07 19:08:17 (UTC)

Stereo types and other original thoughts

2002-10-25 20:07:39
Stereo types and other original thoughts

After a rousing political discussion @ work this morning I
got to thinking about soundbites and the over-
simplification of things in life. We were talking about
Middle East politics and a co-worker quoted some morning
radio show. The show has a decidedly conservative slant to
it, and produced this pearl of wisdom:

"Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists
are Muslims"

Ever hear of the IRA, Timothy McVeigh, the Unibomber (can't
spell Ted's last name). Why is it that people with such
lazy thoughts will put the effort into coming up with these
pithy statements? I can't believe how eagerly people gobble
up these neatly packaged misconceptions and incorporate
them into their thought process. Someone hears a statement
like this and it rings true with their basic beliefs and it
gets tucked neatly into their mental rolodex to be tossed
out like a trump card during water cooler talk. The art of
critical thought is dying.

I can remember watching "All in the Family" as a kid, and
later in syndication. The funniest part of it , for me, is
I grew up minutes from the neighborhood that it was based
on. Every block had the guy that Archie was based on. That
show couldn't be produced today since the dawn of Political
Correctness, and frankly I'm thankful. I don't think I
could stand hearing Archie being quoted by those who
actually mean those sentiments. I think as a society we've
gotten so busy that when someone can concisely wrap up
thoughts that slightly resemble ours we are relieved, on
some level, to have that preconceived thought at our
disposal. Have we become the highlight reel of other
peoples thoughts?

Wow...the view is kind of nice from the soap box!

I think I enjoyed my generation so much more when they were
still young enough to be experimenting in life to learn who
they are. I think lots of them gave up the search and
became the CBS Monday night line up. It was so much fun
when we were all idealistic and full of shit, and either
didn't know it or didn't care.

I realize that there are probably few original thoughts
left to be conjured up, but if you're gonna be derivative
at least slap a fresh coat of a funky color on it before
calling it your own. I'm forced to laugh when I hear some
people complain about being stereotyped. Granted that in
many cases this is a gross over-simplification of broad
communities, but shame on anyone who typifies a stereo type
and is offended when someone else recognizes that. I love
the fact that John Wayne turned the part of Ben Cartright
on Bonanza because he was afraid of getting typecast.That
turned out to be a great choice, if not that cinematic gem
McQ might never have been made.

Keep those cards and letters coming boys and girls...that's
pretty catchy, glad I thought of it!

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