Bruce Wayne

2002-11-07 18:59:46 (UTC)


The first 7 entries here are from my original diary on this
site that isn't coopreating with me so I'm starting over

2002-10-22 18:30:01

Why do some find it so important to be right? I've seen
people back themselves into a corner and fiercely defend
positions that become increasingly more ridiculous. I had a
teacher in high school who made a comment about there being
nothing worse than being wrong. I respectfully disagreed,
saying that not being able to admit one's wrong was far
worse. He strongly disagreed to which I replied..."see".
That resulted in yet another trip to the deans office. His
first question ...what have you done wrong now. The concept
of innocence till guilt is proven has no place in Catholic

What about being right (correct...not Republican) feels so
good. Is it the guilty pleasure of the unspoken "I told you
so". I find myself not caring so much about it in most
cases, especially if the opposing opinion is determined to
outlast me in their opposition. Don't get me wrong I love a
strongly represented , vigorous discussion as much as the
next Irishman with a pint of Guinness. When the discussion
makes the transition to a fight I loose interest. I have to
admit to some enjoyment when peoples true colors emerge in
this fashion, but more often than not this ends with
feelings being hurt.

The worst kinds of discussions of right and wrong are those
centered on feelings. Resolution seems so hard to come by
and sometimes apologies can't break the momentum of the
differences. I hate that....especially when I'm right.

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