why are boys so confusing?
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2001-08-13 09:39:56 (UTC)

A first

hey all, this is my first time writing here. i have 2 other
online diaries, but i decided to keep one that none of my
friends no about. I don't know why. But i guess there are
even some things that you don't want even your best friend
to know about. I don't know what those things are...yet,
but maybe i'll find some things that i can only share with
complete strangers. I'll give you a little back round on me
I'm 15, my name is Sara, and i live in northern
minnesota. it's actually the iron range but whatever.
anyways, my natural hair color is medium brown, but this i
think it was may, i decided to dye it blue. so i did that,
then it turned green. So i decided to bleach it, that was
about 3 days ago. so now, as my friends say, i'm showing
my true color. I was gonna dye it red, but i'm not sure
anymore, i might just do the ends or something. Anyways,
like any 15 year old girl, i have to have a crush right?
well, i have four. Travis, Justin, Eric, and Kristian.
Travis is going to be 16 this october, he's in my grade
(sophmore), Justin is 18, he's going to be a freshman in
college, Eric is going to be 20 at the end of this month
he's going to be a sophmore in college, and Kristian is 17,
he's going to be a senior in high school. I really really
like Travis. and then i like eric. Problemo though, Eric,
Kristian, and Justin are all really good friends with my
brother. Which really sucks, but that means i get to see
them more. Kristian and Eric are brothers, here's why i
like each one of them.
Travis: he's super sweet, really cute, fun to hang out w/,
easy to talk to, let's me beat him in bowling, flirts w/ me
alot, and he makes me laugh
Eric: he's not like my other friends, i can talk to him
about things, he's older, and he flirts with me
Kristian: i can have an actual conversation with him, he
makes me laugh, he can drive, he's fun to hang out with
Justin: i think the only reason i like justin is because he
makes me laugh non stop. it's fun being around him.

Now, my best friend in the entire world is Katie, she tells
me that travis likes me, i don't know if i believe her
because Travis has to know that i like him, and he still
hasn't asked me out. Anyways, there's this kid matt, katie
had the hugest crush on. matt would always call me to talk
or whatever, or just to say hi. I knew katie liked him so i
never even thought of liking matt. Katie and Matt did
some "stuff" together. After that, they didn't really do
anything together, so Katie kept insisting that he liked
me, then our friend molly started saying the same thing.
Katie told me she didn't care if i like matt or not. I
always thought of matt as just a friend, so i figured
nothing else would come of it. and i was happy with
that. But when katie and molly were both saying that matt
liked me, i thought of him differently, before that, i had
never thought of him as boyfriend material. And it made me
look at him differently. ya know? he has asked me to go
cliff jumping w/ him like once a week, i want to go, but my
mom won't let me, and plus, i don't want to hurt Katie's
feelings because even though she says she is over him, i
know she likes him, just by the way she talks to him. why
are boys sooo confusing??? augh, but i'm gonna go, cuz it's
almost 5 in the morning and i'm really really tired because
i haven't slept yet. nitey nite


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