sexypeople only ,,,, my life
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2001-08-13 08:45:39 (UTC)

wow!!!! my life

my life is getting way better by the way iam still single
but this one friends of mine told me that it is better to
be single soo i think iam going to try it and iam thank ful
to have that friend to talk to she is a great friend soo
thank u....... well anywayz soo i am soo happy i lost my
virginity not to a guy but to a dog i don't know why i did
it when i betraded my mom and after i felt really bad and
i know my brother is going to kill me too fare well every
body my car friends family everything welll thats my life
the guy i lost it too was hella ugly but he was nice and he
is sweet to me and sam!!!!!!!!!! if u don't like it then u
can judt fucking leave me alone but i still luv u alot and
michael lost his at my age soo hey every child goes threw
it soo it's ok i won't do it ever agian u know what actully
i really wanted to know what it would feel like and know
that i know iam not going to do it untell iam bigger soo
plz don't hate me cause iam beuatiful how ever u spell it
well iam really tried soo ill get back yp yeas soo aight

hoping to see every one at the hoop

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