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2002-11-07 18:06:57 (UTC)


Ok so its been awhile since I said I was going to write next but o-
well. So heres what the Lord has been telling me...

Ive been really sick the last few days cold flu crap! :P Anyway, its
given me a lot of down time so I have got to talk to God a lot. It all
started at the Third Day, Michael W Smith concert I went to on
Sunday night. Max Luccado was speaking and it was really great.
At the beginning of the concert when third Day was playing, I saw
these 2 guys worshiping their hearts out!! It was awesome, so I
wrote down that God was pleased with them and He loved to hear
them worship Him and that they needed to bring a sacrifice of
praise to God EVERY time they came into His presence. So I went
on and on about this until I filled up the back of a Visible School
sticker. Then i gave it to them. so then about 20 minutes later Max
comes back out to speak some more and he speaks on what I had
just written down for those guys!!! Some of it word for word! So I
just was like, woah God thats crazy! Then God began to speak to
me and reminded me of the prophecies over my life. The
prophecies of speaking in front of thousands. I sat there and just
cryed as I watched Max speak. My heart wanted to be speaking so
bad! God showed me that I can hear His word and what He is
speaking to even a crowd of 16,000, just as well as a speaker who
is up on the stage can. Then I called my mom the next night and
she totally confirmed it. God had been speaking to both her and
my dad about me speaking in front of people, not just a few in a
church but in front of MANY. And its more than just speaking,
maybe speaking isnt the right word, I know I am called to
Evangilism. Thats what i want to do, not preach in front of many but
just bring the current Word, Logos OR Rhama!!

Alright so I finally got that out. I am still sick so I think I am going to
go rest or something. MAYBE eat something, Im not sure though. I
dont want to chance it. I just started work, well started serving by
myself so I want to be well really bad! If there are any Christians
out there reading this, pray for me to get better!! thanx!!!

(Love yah Jesus!)


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