2001-08-13 07:50:17 (UTC)

5th Mon.aug 13 1:12am Things are getting better

Today I got up at 1pm thinking it was monday got ny
exercising done by 1:45 got a chance to relax set up the
coputer and was ready to go by the time the painting show
coming on at 2pm only to realize that today was Sunday and
Suzie Orman was on for 3hrs.It was really a joke on me.We
atrted something kind of new maybe where we would go to be
bed a still do our work in bed and just go to sleep when we
are ready seperately or whatever.. be. I actually got alot
of work done today done alot of files still don't have them
all together so it is often difficult to know what I
already have.but doing my best to get altogether different
thing that I know I wouldn't of gotten before.Or at least I
hope so. going at least by what I have seen in the files
things do look different. Did some of the work with the
communities to see if I can get something going or what
they are all about,we will see what comes of it I will do a
bit of it each day and in no time all I've joined will be
done. Things are getting much better it is hard to say why
I don't know if it is how I have been thinking,feeling,or
what but I haven't taken any of thse other pills that is
all that is different.. It is hard to say why I feel
different it could just be the time.. we will see leave
things alone for awhile see how it goes.