Life as I know it.
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2001-08-13 07:49:09 (UTC)

She innovates at the speed of catnaps

WEll today was kinda boring, i mean i just couldnt fall
asleep last night so i didnt go to bed til 7am....yeah im a
loser, but i got up at 3pm and I dyed my hair, debated
several options of stuff to do tonight, but settled on
going to the cheap cinemas and seeing the movie so bad its
great--fast and furious--oh yes it was point break with out
keanu basically. and cars, dont forget cars. and hot Van
Diesl DO NOT FORGET HIM. THen afterwards we (Dave Kristin
Lara and I) went to Eat N Park to play the question game.
Fun usual night of soberness.

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