I am a goddess
2001-08-13 07:44:22 (UTC)

dazed and confused

I'm really confused, i like thia guy, he seems to like me
but my friend likes him too. In fact shes said if i ever
get with him she will never speak to me again for the rest
of my life! I have known this girl for 8 years, seems a
long time but i ahve known luke for 7 years, so theres not
much difference in time i have known them both. There is a
difference however, in friendship, ailsa is one of my best
riends and i dont want to hurt her but i don't think its
very fair wht shes doing to me. I can't help liking him
just as much asshe and she knows he doesnt want anythng to
do with her, and what if he wants something to do with me?
Is she going to not speak to me, even if i don't go for
him? The irritating thing is i ahve a chance she doesnt
and yet im supposed to bow out and let her like him even
though she hasnt got a hope in hells chance of getting with
him. I don't know anymore.