i'll tell you later

(catchy title to come later)
2001-08-13 06:59:55 (UTC)

titles are useless

so - i had major dejavu today - i want to chat - i don't
want to type in here - but this can be fun - i just have to
get in the groove - i'm not sure if i like what i've been
writing in here - lately - i's still trying to figure out
how i'm going to use this thing - i know i will spare
anyone who reads this the 'so today i went to the store
and bought this and then i came back and did that and now
i'm going to do this and lateer i might do this' that
gets old real fast - i dunno if i'm going to include much
of the 'so there's this gilrl i like and she's really
chill . . . ' that gets old pretty quick
too . . . . . .and the whole 'i hate it when this and this
person sux and omg this person was so stupid' thing is also
kinda crappy - what's left - i can try to be creative and
write creative things - 's hard for me though - espically
poems - and i have no story telling abilit - i babble too
much . . . . um - i duno - i talk about myself way to much
i think - and i read a couple weeks ago that some
depression place did a study of 40 i think poets awho
committed suicide and compared them with 40 - no i think it
was 40 total and 20 who killed themselves and 20 who didn'
from similar timeperiods and geographical locations and
they looked at their works and the ppl who did themselves
in were very self focused

ok i got distracted now i don't feel like writing - bed time