Rach's thoughts
2002-11-07 11:34:56 (UTC)

S meeting R

S is coming to visit TOMORROW!!!! that's like the day after
today and everything. It's so going to be fun. I miss him
at times even though we've never lived in the same city for
more than a week. Life is all good but i think that he
wants me to meet his parents and that would be bad. I don't
do parents that's like scary and wrong and ahhhhhh.

Anyhow he's going to meet people like N and R this weekend
which could prove interesting. I'm not sure if R will
approve of him and then she'll tell me that i have to split
up with him and then i'll be upset and cry.
But she might just hold back and not decide that she hates
him straigh away. She might even be polite and not issue
death threats or hit him the first time that they meet. Oh
what am i thinking she'll never stop being overprotective
of me. She likes to think that she's letting me get on with
my own life and making my own desisions but she knows that
i'll not do something if she disaproves of it. I should be
independant and not do what she wants me to and be brave
and take over my own life.

One day i will and then i'll tell her that i don't care
what she thinks of S i like him so i'm going to see him
even if she disapproves. One day...

Love and light

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