Gem's Journal Pages
2001-08-13 06:23:29 (UTC)

August 13, 2001

It's really nice when people whom you have not been in
contact with for a long time suddenly appears or gets in
touch with you. Well, it is nice as long as they're someone
that you like.

Anyway, I have this classmate from my grade school days and
we have not seen each other for about 5 years after she has
transferred to another school. I've always wondered what
had happened to her. About a month ago, she texted me and
so we got in touch with each other again. I was so happy
that she had never forgotten me and my sister, who was also
her classmate. I thought that we have lost her forever.

And then there was this e-mail pal of mine. We met each
other through her site. She has her own webpage and I sort
of bumped into her site. I signed her guestbook and POW!
she e-mailed me too. Then we discovered that both of us are
from the same country and she is just a year younger than I
am. We have e-mailing each other for the past 5 months. And
then she sort of stopped because her parents banned her
from using the computer. It was really nice that she e-
mailed me again just recently. I hope that we could keep in
touch with each other.