The Wait For True Love
2002-11-07 08:53:33 (UTC)

Sleep... Money... Clothes (need it all)

So okay its 3:30 in the morning and about 5 hours ago I told
myself I was gonna hurry up and get done with my work and
then go to bed early but so much for that idea. I have a
class at 8 in the morning. I'm gonna make bets with people
on whether or not I stay awake. Tomorrow's gonna be a fun
day. But I do have a big breaktime between government and
drumline so maybe I'll catch a nap then. That'll be
something to look forward to.

I mailed mommy's birthday gift today. Mailing the damn thing
almost cost more than the damn gift. So she better love it
and use it. I'm once again broke. Seems to be a trend. I
have no fucking clue where my money goes. It just seems to
fly out of my hands and into cash registers. But the funny
thing is that I'm spending all this money on shit but I'm
not seeing any results. My dad sent me $100 and I can only
account for $60 of it. Where the hell did the other $40
go?!?! oh well... i hope some other family member(s) send me
money because its gonna be time to do laundry again soon.
Lord knows I can't go for too long without doing laundry.
Damn I really need to shop for some more clothes. Today my
pants started off with a little hole and by the end of the
day the hole had turned into an.... uh... I don't know...
but it was a big ass hole. So those pants are definately not
being worn anymore. Well... at least not in public. Thats
the second pair of pants in the last 2 months that I had to
stop wearing because of extra large holes. So now I only
have 4 pairs of pants I can wear in public, 2 pairs of
capris, and a shitload of shorts but too cold for that.
Christmas break needs to hurry up and get here so I can get
back to my Austin Wal-Mart and shop my ass off. Gotta love
that store!

But anywayz I have more to say but its not too interesting
and I should be heading off to bed anyway since I do have to
get up in a couple hours. Nighty night....


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