would the world stop spinning
2002-11-07 07:42:03 (UTC)

group poetry

we went out for coffee friends and i have
coffee alot in case you didn't relize this yet.
tonight we decided to sit and write a poem together...
this is what we got:

me: this,my disolusion...
crushing is the weight of your world
amanda: paralizing is the weight of your stare
i'm really not sure what to do now
beth: could you tell me what i need
when words no longer have meaning
aften: my mind is full of emptiness
my body numb to all emotions

me: if i held your hand would you show me the way
show me your light, shine through my darkness
amanda: even the light can't pierce the prison of my
it can't break through the darkness that harbors
beth: these thoughts of you always seem to turn to
painful relizations that the light in your eyes
will soon dull
aften: but when my breath begins to slow
and my heart begins to skip,i knowi can't let you go

me: could you ebb the pain with you kiss one last time
take into concideration that my heart only beats
for you
amanda: fuck you for making me care for you
i hate when you make me open up
beth: i can't stand the way your beauty makes me do the
things i do for you
aften: this mark of beauty is quite disturbing
yet looking at you brings a sence of calm.