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2001-08-13 06:00:18 (UTC)

So I say...What do you say?

Alas! Another week had just passed. Is it just me? Or
days fly quickly than they come? I don't know. It scares
me sometimes, well I think everybody just get freaked out
when they realize, "Hey, it's sunday again?" Well,
actually, Sunday's gone for me for the last hour and a
half. So I'd be saying "Hey, it's Monday again?" That
means school and work for me. That whole, monotonous
routine. Geezus, Don't I get bored. But, then
again...boredom means time well wasted. I've once been told
that, a person who's always bored, is a boring person.
Well, there's always something productive to do in this
world. I can't, for the life of me, understand why anyone
would say "There's nothing to do.." When there's so many
things in this world that is so damn amusing. Trust me.
Usually I drive to and from work and school alone, and
believe you me, that is the only thing I can possibly find
an extreme boredom. Anyway, my car batteries had died on
me and couldn't phone someone to boost me, since bad-luck
was on my side, my cellphone batteries had died too. I was
then forced to take a bus home. The ride on the bus was
actually, very interesting. I've gotten the chance to
observe, well....to observe and study how people are like,
in so little ways like even the way they dress, the way
they talk, they sit....little things like that. And I've
just realized that, this is indeed a fact, that people tend
to look down on each other's shoes and study them. Anyway,
that's just based on my observation. I once had a
classmate who mentioned about how she pity other students
who doesn't have a vehicle of their own and has to take
the bus home...Well, if I could tell her that even in short
bus rides, there's a tiny speck of interest or amusement
that each ride holds that can't be found in a lonely drive
home in your dinky little car. And as I say before I sign
off...the means of getting there is of no importance, the
things you pick up on your way means a lot. Well, thanks
for reading my bunch of crap. Another time well wasted for
Signing off,